i have over twenty years of deep and varied experience as a creative director, designer and director.

a member and shareholder of the london based global design group tomato from 1994—2013.

tomato founded in 1991, is a collective comprising artists, designers, musicians and writers. the group develops cross platform, multi-media projects; both commercial and research based.


as a freelance creative and as part of tomato i have worked on solo artist and in collaboration, creating projects in the uk, europe, america and asia.


specialist talents

    — typography and type design

    — traditional graphic design and art direction for print, music and and screen

    — logo, book and magazine design

    — branding projects from conception to completion

    — the directing of graphic and live action television commercials and film title sequences

    — on and off air branding and communication

    — website design and art direction, gui concepts and projects

    — installation and exhibition design

    — lecturing and workshops.